Monday, December 10, 2007

Is Council Violating the Open Meetings Act?

Nearly every meeting of the Ann Arbor City Council includes a closed session. There was even a closed session at the recent council retreat. According to some past council members, the current council has dramatically increased the number of closed sessions. The increase in closed sessions has made these former council members and many citizens question whether the Open Meetings Act is being misinterpreted to keep politically sensitive discussions away from the CTN camera. More ...

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Gordon said...

sorry, this is not on topic of article, but i must mention the sidewalk slabs. the city of ann arbor is requiring it's residents to pay for slabs in need of repair. however, the program is flawed. and, the city spends money like water on architects, development, etc. etc.
should ann arbor residents be required to pay for sidewalk slabs?
i would love to read opinions on this.